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The Importance of Planning for Long-Term Health Costs

The US Government statistics report that 70% of Americans over age 65 will eventually need long-term care for an average of 30 months or more.

USA Today Newspaper article: Long-term care insurance starting to look like a necessity on Page 4B of Wednesday, September 10, 2014 issue of USA TODAY

When serious illness or end-of-life issues occur, the need for professional care is great and the cost will demand significant increase in retirement income. A simple adjustment within your investment portfolio should contain an account that will provide substantial added income when professional care is needed in your home or a special facility.

The money you move into this account should be fully Guaranteed

You should have Guaranteed access to you money at any time.

And, if never needed, a fair tax-free rate of return to your heirs.

EXAMPLE: Female age 63  moves $100,000 from Bank CD to Insurance Company “CD like paid up life insurance policy” (1) she has immediate paid up $433,000 of guaranteed Long-Term Health Care Benefits, (2) paid up $143,000 of tax-free life insurance in the event she never needs Long-Term Care, and (3) she can get her $100,000 back at anytime.

Sound too good to be true? It’s True. Benefits will vary due to age.

If you missed our recent workshops and are interested in learning more, just send us an email at Find An Advisor link above or call…Our Long Term Agent can speak with you and also provide a personal illustration. Keep in mind, some companies provide a substantial premium discount for couples. While $100,000 was used in the above example, people have used as little as $25,000 and other substantially more.

Unlike traditional LTC insurance which you may never need (and companies can raise premiums or decrease benefits), this Linked-Insurance can provide (1) 100% money back, (2) substantially higher tax-free death benefit, if long-term insurance is never needed and (3) many times MORE LTC benefit if needed.