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The Financial Advisors radio series is brought to you each Saturday morning at 8:00 am broadcasting on AM 600 KOGO, by Financial Designs, Ltd. We’re a locally owned and a dedicated team of professional planners with more than 30+ years of experience helping individual in the San Diego and throughout Southern California.

Accredited-Only-Private-WorkshopsEach Saturday morning we address a general radio listening audience where we often invite our listeners to “public workshops”, held at our San Diego office.

In addition to our “public workshops”, Financial Designs, Ltd also hosts non-publicized “invitation only” workshops to “Accredited Investors”. These workshops address many types of alternative investments* which cannot be offered to the general public. These may include private real estate offerings, oil and gas drilling for tax deductions and potential long-term tax-sheltered income. To attend these “invitation only” workshops, please fill and submit this form or call our offices at 858-597-1980 and we will take your information over the phone.

What is an “Accredited Investor”? An accredited investor is either a natural person who has an individual net worth, or joint net worth with the person’s spouse and excluding their personal residence, that exceeds $1,000,000 at the time of purchase. OR, his/her Income must exceed $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000 for those years and a reasonable expectation of the same income level in the current year. Other standards of accreditation apply at different levels, but this is the primary standard. These guidelines are not meant to alienate those who are not accredited; but are mandated requirements.

Why do I have to be accredited? Simply put, SEC and other regulatory agencies clearly state that we cannot offer or discuss these alternative investments* with you until we confirm that you are an “Accredited Investor”.

What’s next? Become a part of our “Accredited Investor Community” today, by submitting this form to us via FAX, USPS, or E-mail. Once we receive the information, one of our registered representatives will phone you and confirm your level of accreditation. This contact is a required part of the process. All information is kept private. This phone call will be a very brief information gathering discussion and not intended to ensnare you in a sales pitch. You are welcome to ask general financial questions if desired, but you will not be offered specific product information requiring accreditation. You may also phone our office where you will be directed to a registered representative, who will collect the necessary information over the phone. The entire process is very straight forward and only takes only a few minutes. We will contact you via e-mail, mail or fax (your choice) where you will receive information on our private workshops. We respect your privacy and you can opt out of receiving our information at any time.

See the link again above and complete the Accredited Investor Qualifications e-form.

*Disclosure: Investing in alternative assets involves higher risks than traditional investments and is suitable only for sophisticated investors. Alternative investments are often sold by prospectus that discloses all risks, fees, and expenses. They are not tax efficient and an investor should consult with his/her tax advisor prior to investing. Alternative investments have higher fees than traditional investments and they may also be highly leveraged and engage in speculative investment techniques, which can magnify the potential for investment loss or gain and should not be deemed a complete investment program. The value of the investment may fall as well as rise and investors may get back less than they invested.