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The Financial Advisors with host Certified Financial Planner®, Aubrey Morrow can be heard each Saturday morning at 8 AM on AM 600 KOGO. KOGO`s superior signal strength reaches six Southern California Counties and Tijuana, Mexico.


December 2017 – Tax Planning Workshops

If you only have your taxes Prepared vs. PLANNED, you could be paying more in income tax than necessary! There are strategies & investments to potentially reduce your tax burden and in the future.


Are You Financially Organized?

Your Health & Your Wealth: We all understand the importance of a medical exam. We visit the doctor and have all those tests and… worry a little about the results. We then are called back to hear what the doctor has to say to stay healthy… or hear news which requires us to take action.


Public Workshops

2017 Tax Planning – December Workshops

How much extra will you pay in Income Taxes this year?

Join us to learn strategies to help reduce your tax burden and “only pay your fair share”