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Our Mission

about-financial-designs-limited-money-talk-radioWe are a team of highly experienced individuals working to provide competitive financial strategies for our client’s individual and corporate needs. We focus on comprehensive financial understanding – yours and ours.

It’s been our experience that most people are too busy with their personal lives and their businesses to adequately and completely address their overall financial well-being. Over the last 30 years of working with clients, we have found that most people are somewhat financially disorganized and that most people:

Pay more income taxes than is absolutely necessary. Goal: Pay only your fair share.

Let investment trends lead them away from a carefully considered personal investment policy, often with unfavorable results. Goal: Have investments to match the stage of your life.

Anticipate a good retirement, yet haven’t done much to plan for it. Or, if already retired, could improve cash flow and lower taxes.

Need a comprehensive review of their insurance coverage, especially with regard to life insurance and potential long-term care needs.

Need to create wills and trusts or are unsure if the ones they have are up to date, correctly funded, or even still reflect their wishes.

Ignore updating estate planning documents (wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney for Health and legal. This is a much overlooked area.

Need to retire non-deductible debt.

Get sold a product as a solution before the problem is really known.

If any of these items ring true for you…perhaps a financial checkup, is in order? Remember, the future is no time to plan for your financial future.