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Investing is an interesting topic and is unique to everyone. We feel it is extremely important that before any investment is considered that we should look to determine “what kind of investment do I need? It’s important to have a financial check-up before buying (or being sold) any investment.

In our planning process, we help you understand exactly what type of investment you should consider to match your personal goals and objectives.

Do you need extra income or growth investments? Have you, first, maxed out your current retirement opportunities with your employer? Are you self employed? If so, taking advantage of the many retirement plans which help manage taxes while providing tax-deferred growth? Are your current investments causing you unnecessary taxes? (a review of your tax return will let you know).  Are your investments diversified? We also believe, where suitable, a portfolio should include investment real estate for diversification – and not having all your investments in the volatile stock market. However, diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

FDL-investing-servicesIf you are over 50, in or nearing retirement, do you work with a Money Manager who has an exit plan? Most advisors have a Buy & Hold (Hope) Strategy.

For our clients who do not want to suffer another giant drop in the stock market, we provide a Tactical Money Manager who has a Buy, Hold and SELL strategy that aims to alleviate this potential loss.

The concept of the SELL strategy is to exit the stock market and move to cash or high yield bonds and avoid stock market declines.

Bottom line, a personal financial plan will help determine what choices of investments are appropriate for your unique situation. So many people have been sold investments without a plan. To us, it’s like having surgery, before an exam.

When should you review what you have and… what you need?  Now.


*Strategy performance is not guaranteed or indicative of future results