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Our Process

Just like the importance of a through medical exam before surgery, common sense dictates that before anyone makes a decision to purchase an investment, a financial check-up will actually determine what is needed. Only after a review of one’s goals & objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon will dictate what investment strategy should be considered.  Given that logic, our financial planning process is:
First, we will send our booklet, Are You Financially Organized? and Initial Planning Guide. We ask you review the booklet, complete the Guide and bring it, along with your most recent income tax return…and any statements or documents you would like to discuss at our complimentary meeting.

Next, we pick a convenient time for the complimentary meeting which is very informal – and simply an opportunity to visit, get to know each other. The Guide serves as an agenda. We get to know you – your issues and goals. We then explain our financial planning process and the steps involved. If we “both” want to move forward, we review additional information which will be needed.

Your job is to complete our Confidential Personal Questionnaire and bring requested documents for our review.

Next, step is for our office to review and compile your family and finances in a simple excel booklet we call Data Confirmation. Once completed, we contact you to schedule a meeting to review the information which includes a snapshot of your family, income and expenses, detailed balance sheet, two years of income taxes, all insurance and your current estate planning documents. Upon completing of this very detailed review, we then complete our Scope of Work where areas which need action are initialed. We then “prioritize” areas which need immediate attention and set the appointment for the first in many meeting.

We will determine a fee based on your plan. Our fee is based on an hourly rate of $230 per hour for two hours per month over a six month period. The minimum fee quoted is $2,760. The fee may be more or less based on the agreed upon need. For the agreed upon fee, we provide unlimited visits and phone calls for six months to create, revise and initial the personal plan. Plans are reviewed on a requested basis or at least once per year.

What about the financial planners who do not charge you a fee? Expect to be recommended a product which pay them a commission. In our many years in the business, we find that most people are seeking advice – not a salesperson.