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Demographic Investing and Millennials Workshop

A deeper look at the cultural behaviors of Millennials can unlock a wealth of investment opportunities

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Tax Planning Workshop

Coming Soon, Understanding the New Tax Laws and what steps you can take to “only pay your fair share”

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Long-Term Healthcare Workshop

LONG-TERM CARE is the #1 Financial Risk faced by retirees. US Govt. statistics tell us that 70% of Americans over 65 will eventually need long-term care for an average of 30 months.

Join us for our September luncheon workshops

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Year-End Tax Planning Strategies Workshop – Missed the Workshop? Contact Us for More Information

Contact us to learn Tax Planning Strategies to help you “only pay your fair share”

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Alternative Investment Workshop- Missed the Workshop? Contact Us for More Information

Alternatives can include ownership shares in lending institutions that make senior loans to private businesses providing attractive cash flow to investors and ownership shares in multi-family apartments, needed senior housing, and Healthcare facilities located outside California. These alternatives can provide diversification, tax-sheltered income, and projected appreciation – and help you potentially create greater wealth while lowering your
exposure to overpriced markets.

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