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Estate Planning

If you don’t plan on dying, you won’t need a personal customized estate plan. The reality is that many people die with unprepared estates. In such cases, the Government and the IRS will cash in on our life long savings and tangible property and our loved ones will be left to satisfy the financial details of an improperly managed estate. Sometimes this forces the sale of property originally planned to go to our loved ones.

We will review your current estate plan. Is it up to date?

Is the IRS in position to become your largest beneficiary? Proper estate planning with creative legal trusts can serve to reduce or eliminate not only probate, but estate taxes as well. Tune in while we discuss estate tax reduction tools estate distribution techniques, and charitable giving. We will also define the different types of trusts used in estate planning and titling of trusts and property as well as discuss the importance of the document locator for your heirs.

Most people spend over 84,000 hours in their working careers and very little time in planning what will happen to their assets when they die!

Many people have outdated Revocable A B Trusts which can be a bomb shell for the survivor with the recent changes in estate taxes. Rather than a mandatory split to A and B Trusts, the survivor should have the option vs. mandatory. Many trusts need updating.

When was the last time you reviewed your wills and trusts? When will you?