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EXIT STRATEGIES For Highly Appreciated Rental Real Estate

Do You Own Appreciated Real Estate?

Are you concerned about rent controls? Tired of property management and tenant issues? What is your best move? Hold, Sell? Refinance? Charitable Strategies? 1031 Tax-deferred Exchange to a new property which you maintain active ownership or own interest in a professionally managed property where you are a passive owner without property management responsibilities and receiving projected tax-sheltered monthly income and property appreciation?

Learn more at a free educational workshop

Due to the corona virus and gathering restrictions, we have postponed our public workshop and hope will re-start when appropriate.

Our educational workshops Strategies to Dispose of Highly Appreciated Real Estate includes an interesting case study of a couple who have owned an apartment property for over 30-years – now retired with a goal of eliminating property management headaches, reducing income taxes while increasing monthly income  and our five options they can consider.

If you own an appreciate property and interested in selling in this sellers’ market with current historic low interest rates for buyers,  we can provide a complimentary phone call to help you in discussing your options. We can have an initial brief call to answer your questions – and a later call to discuss specifics. We have assisted over 400 families since 2004 with similar real estate goals.

You can email us at [email protected] or for an informal chat, call our office at (858) 597-1980.