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Did you miss our December Tax Planning Workshops?

We will be planning a similar workshop to discuss the New Tax Laws and what steps you can take to “only pay your fair share”

If you would like to be invited, click the Find an Advisor link and type “add me to be invited to 2018 Tax Laws Workshops. You can also request a complimentary meeting to review your most recent income tax return for ideas, strategies and recommendations.


Want to lower your income taxes ?

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December 2017 Workshop

  • How much are you really paying? Check out your 2018 tax return (See Form 1040, line 63 on your Federal return; Form 540, line 64, on your CA return). Total both and divide by 12 – that’s what you paid, on average, each month last year ! Shocked? You are probably paying more than necessary. We might can help.
  • Are you facing capital gains taxes because you sold an appreciated asset?
  • Would you like to sell an appreciated asset (stocks or real estate) and want ideas to reduce or eliminate taxes?
  • Were you part of an IPO this year? Are you seeking strategies to help potentially reduce your Alternative Minimum Tax?
  • Do you feel you are paying too much in income taxes? (high as 55.7% in California’s top tax bracket)
  • Should you be considering alternative investments that may potentially lower.
  • There ARE Investment to help your dramatically reduce your taxes for THIS year.

Presented By: Aubrey Morrow
President, Financial Designs, Ltd.


Can’t make the workshops?

Call us to schedule a complimentary review of your most recent tax return – and discussion on potential ideas, strategies and investments which may help reduce your tax burden for years to come. 

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