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Long-Term Care Workshop


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LONG-TERM CARE is the #1 Financial Risk faced by retirees. US Govt. statistics tell us that 70% of Americans over 65 will eventually need long-term care for an average of 30 months.

You are Cordially Invited to join us to explore the most sensible planning solution to address this risk.

When serious illness or end-of-life issues occur, the need for professional care is great and the cost will demand a significant increase in retirement income. A simple adjustment within your investment portfolio should contain an account that will provide substantial added income when professional care is needed in your home or a special facility.

  1. The money you move into this account should be fully Guaranteed
  2. You should have Guaranteed access to it any time
  3. And if never needed, a fair tax-free rate of return to your heirs

Come see why this is the number one growing financial strategy in the country.

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