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Time for a Second Opinion on your Investment Portfolio?

Most people request a second opinion before surgery; you might want also to get a second opinion on the health of your investments. Is your portfolio properly diversified? Do you have real estate exposure? Energy? Or is your portfolio only invested in stocks and bonds? When markets are doing great, we are all happy….but WHEN markets correct or drop dramatically, a well-diversified portfolio which includes real estate and energy can help weather economic storms. Can you handle another 50% drop in the stock market or are you in for the long haul? While diversification is important, is does not guarantee profit or protection against loss.

about-financial-designs-limited-money-talk-radioIf you are over 50, in or nearing retirement (like many of our clients), we can suggest a Tactical Money Manager who has a Buy, Hold and SELL strategy with a goal of protecting the principal of your investment portfolio during uncertain times. When their SELL strategy signals a change in the economy, they can sell equities and “go to cash or high yield bonds.” The US has had 7 Recessions since 1970 and the most recent 2008 – 2009 bear market, the DOW lost 55% in value !

 We will continue to have volatile stock markets ahead – and, given the stock market track record, we will witness another devastating decline in the stock market in the future. Most people in or nearing retirement cannot another loss. How about you?

So, how to get your Second Opinion? We have made it easy. We will mail or email you our  Investment Profile Questionnaire with questions which measure your goals, objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon. We will review your answers and then compare the results with your existing portfolio.

You may be pleased or alarmed with your current investment mix. The results will show you the most appropriate allocation which matches your responses.

While you are considering this, simply go to Find An Advisor link and send us your request.

Protecting your Investment Principal should be your #1 Goal !