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Where and How to Invest?

As Investment Advisor Representatives, we provided our clients with a very detailed and comprehensive analysis to determine the most appropriate investment portfolio to match their personal goals and objectives, risk profile and time horizon.  In essence, we want our clients to have a balanced investment portfolio to “match the stage of their lives”. For younger, we can be more aggressive. For folks nearing or in retirement, we feel fewer risks is prudent and recommend having a Buy & Hold & SELL strategy. Our Tactical Money Manager was in cash or high yield bonds during the 2000 and 2008 stock market crash.

We believe in proper investment diversification which includes:

Fee-Based (no commission) Globally Diversified Portfolio of stocks, bonds and cash. Many portfolios may have 8,000 to 10,000+ securities including US, International and Emerging Stock Markets. The mix of stocks and bonds are customized for each client. We can provide professional money managers with Active, Passive and Tactical philosophies.

Real time quotes at the stock exchange.

We consume energy daily; however, many people overlook having energy in their investment portfolio.  Depending on how structured, investing in oil & gas can help in reducing income taxes and providing tax-advantaged income for the life of the wells in the portfolio.

In addition to stocks, bonds, cash and energy, we also recommend real estate to round out a proper diversified portfolio. There are various ways to own real estate from Real Estate Trusts to actual property ownership. Our real estate options can include debt or free and clear ownership of commercial, residential and land. Depending on investor unique situation, real estate can be structured to potentially produce income & growth or investing for long-term capital appreciation. We must also recognized there are risk associated with any investment. Each investment must be evaluated and your investment advisor should explain all associated risks in additional to the potential rewards. Risk can include lack of liquidity, no guarantees of interest payments and potential loss of principal.

Let us help you create a unique and customized portfolio for you which match your goals & objectives, risk tolerance and income needs.