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Retirement Planning

financial-designs-limited-retirement-planningHow far away is your retirement? Is it 40, 20 or 5 years away? Life expectancies are on the rise. Today’s retirees can expect to live 20 or more years beyond retirement. Have you thought about how you would like to spend your retirement? Have you thought about how you are going to afford your retirement dreams? How much income do you really need in retirement?

We’ll also discuss sources of your retirement income qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, personal savings and investments and review common concerns at retirement. We will highlight distribution methods of your retirement monies, and IRA rollovers – and when the best time for you to take Social Security.

Bottom line: we’ll help you better plan your retirement by creating a written plan…not just investments. The investment plan may include a very diversified globally portfolio of stocks and bonds managed on a fee-only basis (no broker or commissions), income producing real estate and potential alternatives.

We’ll also discuss the realities of procrastination. But these won’t apply to you, right?